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Please Read!
If you are a guild member: Please make an account!

Most of the forum posts are hidden unless you have an account linked with Anhedonia. Please make a Guildlaunch account, and click "Apply" to open up the application. On the application, you will be asked for the launch code to bypass the process. 

The launch code is available in World of Warcraft in our guild information tab (the same place you find our Mumble and Vent info).
Welcome to the Anhedonia guild website!

Anhedonia is a horde side, semi-hardcore raiding guild working on progressive raiding in current Mists of Pandaria content and preparing for the future Warlords of Draenor expansion. Our current focus is 10 man raids. However, we will be moving into 20 man raids come WoD. We accept both core and casual players. We expect applicants to be already geared to fit into current level of content.

We encourage anyone interested in joining the guild to apply through the "Apply to Guild" link on the left side of the page.

Please understand that raid spots are limited, though we're always willing to recruit exceptional players.

We are a close group of players that value personality as well as humor. The majority of the guild is 18+, and those who are underage are mature enough to be tolerable. Those who can't endure profanity or adult humor may want to apply elsewhere.


 We have been around and active for 6 years. We accept both casuals and hardcore for RBGs, old world raids, current raid content, dungeons, and PvP! Apply now for a fun, active guild.

Also accepting smaller guilds to join us! Keep your autonomy while being able to PvE/PvP within a larger guild!


 Please click the "Raid Teams" tab to see specific team raid days, times, and recruitment info!


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